Zoover Remarketing

With Zoover Remarketing, we offer you the opportunity to approach the right target audience at the right time, namely when they are exploring the options, with a banner campaign for your accommodation. You decide which target audience you want to reach. You can choose from various options, for example, all similar types of accommodation in your town or region. As soon as a Zoover visitor has visited a page within your selections, then we know that person is interested in the accommodation that you have to offer. After that, we will show that visitor your accommodation at random moments and on different websites. The websites displaying your banners are all websites that are connected to the Google Display Network. This network accesses thousands of websites in the Netherlands and abroad like nu.nl, telegraaf.nl, youtube.com, marktplaats.nl, zoover.nl and many more.

Zoover Remarketing options:

  • Visitors to your Zoover Accommodation page.

  • Country or Countries

  • Region(s)

  • Town(s).

  • Type(s) of accommodation

  • Special requirements: all large family campsites, hotels on the coast, 10 biggest competitors etc.

Example of Zoover Remarketing

You have a hotel on Texel and you want to reach everyone who is currently showing an interest in a hotel on Texel. No problem! We will create a campaign and develop customised banners for you. You decide what you want to display on the banners. Here we have in mind an ad of your hotel with a particular message, a promotion or a package deal.

After you have approved the banners, we will create the campaign and the banners will be sent to all Zoover visitors who are currently looking for a hotel on Texel. The banners are delivered via thousands of different websites like nu.nl, youtube.nl, telegraaf.nl, but also via zoover.nl itself. In short, an excellent opportunity to communicate with the target audience that you have selected at the right time!

Starting with Zoover Remarketing

It’s easy to start using Zoover Remarketing Click on the button to order and we will contact you so that you can start using Remarketing.

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Zoover Remarketing

from € 149month
  • 100% targeting of the right target audience
  • Get the attention of your target audience and keep it
  • Increase name recognition and awareness
  • Perfect for promotions and special offers
  • Improve your conversion rate