Your guests’ journey literally and figuratively starts on your website. You want everything to go smoothly from the very first contact moment with a potential guest – all the way from the initial website visit to the actual booking. In keeping with the saying that well begun is half done, you want this phase in particular to proceed smoothly. That is essential for a positive customer experience! How can you make sure there are no problems and why is this so important? Allow us to explain!

Checklist for your website

To make sure that potential guests can book your accommodation via your website without encountering any obstacles, there are a number of things to keep in mind, such as your online visibility, the payment methods you offer and more. We have created a list of the most important things to remember. Do the check and find out how easy it is for your guests to book your accommodation.

1. What is your website’s Google ranking?

Here is a simple test: what happens when you enter the name of your accommodation into Google? Are you at the top of the list of search results? Well done! If you are not that easy to find, you have work to do.

2. How mobile-friendly is your website?

In addition to finding your website, you also want your guests to navigate around your site effortlessly. You are surely aware that people no longer only use their desktop computers to surf the web. These days, everyone makes more and more use of their smartphones and tablets, even when booking an accommodation or an entire holiday. Ask yourself this: how mobile-friendly is your website? What does your website’s layout look like on a smartphone? Is everything fully scalable? Are all functionalities available on mobile devices?

3. How clear is the information on your website?

Making sure that your accommodation’s website performs properly is an important theme, but your website’s content is just as important. Is the information clear enough? Make sure to provide visitors with all the information they need: good descriptions of the available facilities, a clear overview of your rates, useful information about the surrounding area, etcetera. Have someone else take a look at your website to see if anything is unclear. Something that seems obvious to you might be totally confusing to someone else.

4. How easy is your booking process?

Once someone is ready to book your accommodation, it should be possible to do so quickly and easily. If there are too many steps involved or if the process is too slow, people are more likely to give up. Remember to offer a number of secure payment methods to choose from.

When going over these points, you will quickly discover what you still have to take care of. Our advice: take a hard look at your points of improvement and be proud of everything you have already perfected!

What now?

We are happy to help you take things to the next level, e.g. with an online campaign to improve your online visibility or by optimising your booking module. Remember: making sure your guests feel good about their initial encounter with your accommodation is the first step towards receiving a positive review!