Running guest accommodation can be a hive of activity. We know that all too well thanks to Netstar! Due to the daily hustle and bustle, requests for a review can sometimes fall through the cracks. It’s a shame, because reviews play an increasingly important role in the online travel world. Are you curious about the importance of your guest reviews? Could you use some tips for collecting reviews? If so, read on now!

Why collect reviews?
Reviews not only ensure potential guests have more confidence in you, but also contribute to your discoverability on the internet. For example, your accommodation is more easily found on Zoover if you have more reviews. In short: it’s time to take action and actively collect reviews.

Tips for getting reviewsThere are various ways to encourage your guests to leave a review of your hotel, B&B or apartment, which we’ve listed for you here:

  • Email

Do you have email addresses for your guests? If so, send them a welcome-home email. You should send this a day or two after check-out. You can let them know via this message that you were happy with their presence/booking and invite them to leave a review online. Make sure you include a direct link to where they can leave the review. The easier it is for your guest, the greater the chance they will actually proceed to action. Will you send them to Zoover, TripAdvisor or Google?

  • Free Zoover business cards

Did you know that you can order free business cards on Zoover? Before their departure, hand your guest one of these cards with a message saying you would like to read about their experience. Small effort, right?!

  • Review software

Did you know there’s software you can use to generate reviews via a tablet? So simple, and you can do it on location! Make sure this tablet is always available at reception, so you can approach each guest proactively. With just a few clicks, the review is done! Of course, these are paid services, but they also deliver a lot in a short time. Curious about this software? Read all about it here!


When collecting reviews, bear in mind that not everyone wants to write a review. Always avoid being overly pushy, as this can be very annoying. Be honest with your guests and tell them they could help you enormously because a review helps you as an entrepreneur with getting more visitors to your accommodation and sharing honest information with new guests. You can even reward people who leave a review with a nice gift or a discount for repeat visits. As long as it stays fair and transparent, of course!