It’s finally here… have a nice holiday! What’s the destination this year? Are we opting to go abroad again, or are we spending the vacation in the Netherlands? After all, it was such a wonderful summer last year…

Holidaying in your own country

More and more Dutch people are adding locations in their own country to their list of potential holiday destinations. Not only is it interesting from a cost perspective, according to the Dutch Central Statistics Bureau (CBS), another reason is the fact that last summer was so pleasant. Because, of course, why would you drive hundreds of kilometres or spend hours flying to sunny destination when the Netherlands is also enjoying wonderful summer weather? This is, of course, very good news for those offering accommodation in the Netherlands!

Holidaying abroad

When in doubt regarding a holiday at home or abroad, the weather forecast is often decisive: did you know that a large group of people postpone booking their holiday while they wait to see what the weather is going to be like in the Netherlands. This is a new trend. Where holidays abroad were usually booked in December, January and February, we are now seeing people wait longer. As soon as summer weather in the Netherlands looks like it might disappoint, people go ahead and book a holiday abroad. An interesting fact is that this is not only due to the temperature, but also the more stable weather conditions.

Changing booking behaviour = changing online marketing strategy

The shift from early booking to waiting for the weather forecast is also an interesting development in terms of online marketing. It’s important to spot these types of trends and respond to them quickly. After all, a change in booking behaviour requires a refined online marketing strategy. Keep in mind that the period in which people book their holidays is now much longer than before. In short: it’s important to be visible not only in the winter months, but also in the spring and even in the summer.

Netstar online marketing boost

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